21 May 2018
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03 April 2012

De Beers' trading arm, the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), has officially released its new sightholder list for the next rough supply three-year Supplier of Choice (SoC) contract period. The new list, below, follows the provisional list of 72 sightholders that was published last December.

"We have great confidence in the Sightholders that have qualified for the new contract period and we look forward to offering them the right buying opportunities as their businesses evolve and as we move our sorting and sales functions to Botswana," says Varda Shine, DTC Chief Executive Officer.

By 2013, the DTC International will move all of its international rough diamond sorting and sales operations from London to Gaborone.

According to De Beers, the new 2012-2015 contract period marks the inauguration of a "more dynamic and integrated" distribution model that will enable De Beers to take into account the demand demonstrated by all its rough diamond customers, including DTC sightholders and Diamdel registered businesses, in allocating its finite availability.

For the first time, sightholders and non-sightholders demonstrating consistently strong demand at Diamdel auctions will, subject to availability, have the annual opportunity to compete for an Intention to Offer (ITO) by being invited to submit a Contract Proposal Questionnaire (CPQ).

Additionally, the DTC's new process for re-planning future ITO allocations will "better reflect" individual sightholder demand as demonstrated during the preceding ITO period. This could result in future ITO allocations increasing or decreasing in line with the demand demonstrated.

"This is an exciting time for De Beers' rough diamond customers. The new SoC contract introduces a series of innovations to enhance the dynamic nature of our distribution strategy, offering wider access to our rough diamonds and enabling us to manage our distribution risk better," says Philippe Mellier, De Beers Chief Executive Officer.

"This latest evolution of the De Beers sales strategy provides more businesses with more opportunities to buy the products they require at auctions, and provides a potential path to longer term supply from DTC," adds Neil Ventura, Diamdel Chief Executive Officer.

In 2011, the DTC's rough diamond sales were US$6.47 billion. The list of new sightholders includes: 

1.         A. Dalumi Diamonds

2.         Almod Diamonds Ltd.

3.         AMC NV

4.         Ankit Gems Private Limited

5.         Arjav Diamonds NV

6.         Bhavani Gems

7.         Blue Star Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.

8.         Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Company Limited

9.         Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co.Ltd.

10.       Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd.

11.       Dali Diamond Co.

12.       DDM Arabov Group

13.       De Toledo Diamonds Ltd

14.       Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt Ltd

15.       Diacor International Ltd.

16.       Dianco

17.       Diarough NV

18.       Digico Holdings Ltd.

19.       Dilipkumar V. Lakhi

20.       Dimexon International Holding BV

21.       E.F.D. Ltd.

22.       Eloquence Corporation dba MWI ELOQUENCE

23.       Eurostar Diamonds International S.A.

24.       Exelco

25.       EZ Diamonds

26.       Gitanjali Gems Ltd.

27.       Fruchter Gad Diamonds Ltd.

28.       Gold Star Diamond Private Limited

29.       Hard Stone Processing (Pty) Ltd

30.       Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd.

31.       Henri Polak

32.       IGC Group LTD

33.       Jewelex India Private Limited

34.       Julius Klein Diamonds LLC

35.       K Girdharlal International Limited

36.       KARP Impex Ltd.

37.       KGK Diamonds (I) Private Limited

38.       Kiran Gems Private Limited

39.       Kristall Production Corporation OAO

40.       L. M. Van Moppes & Sons Ltd

41.       Laurelton Diamonds

42.       Laxmi Diamond Pvt Ltd

43.       Lieber & Solow Ltd.

44.       Lazare Kaplan International Inc.

45.       M Suresh Company Private Limited

46.       Leo Schachter International LTD

47.       Mohit Diamonds Private Limited

48.       Mahendra Brothers Exports Private Limited

49.       Yerushalmi Bros. Diamonds Ltd

50.       Yosi Glick Diamonds (2003) Ltd.

51.       Yoshfe Diamonds International Ltd.

52.       Niru Diamonds Israel (1987) Ltd.

53.       MOTIGANZ Diamond Group

54.       Taché Company NV

55.       Vijay Diamond FZE

56.       Venus Jewel

57.       Tasaki & Co Ltd.

58.       Trau Bros

59.       Pluczenik Diamond Company NV

60.       Premier Gem (Group)

61.       Ratilal Becharlal & Sons

62.       Richold SA

63.       Suashish Diamonds Ltd.

64.       Rosy Blue (NV) Business Alliance

65.       Safdico

66.       Stuller, Inc.

67.       S. Vinodkumar Diamonds Pvt. Ltd

68.       Rosy Blue (India) Pvt. Ltd.

69.       Schachter and Namdar (Pty) Ltd

70.       Sahar Atid Diamonds Ltd.

71.       Shairu Gems

72.       Sheetal Manufacturing Company PVT LTD

73.       Star Diamond Group (SDG) BV

74.       Shrenuj & Company Limited

75.       Shree Ramkrishna Export